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Chronic Back Pain

In 2009 I had an accident while snowboarding the left me with a compression fracture in my T4 vertebra or in layman's terms, a broken back. Doctors did what they could but other than immobilizing my back for 6 weeks there wasn't much more than a few months of...

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Cheap CBD products vs. expensive CBD products

There seems to be two polar opposite markets in the CBD realm, I hope to outline pro's and con's of both. The cheap CBD products generally fall into what I like to call a "Why not?" purchase. When you're at the counter of a store about to check out and you see a...

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How long does CBD stay in your system?

First off, every individual human body has a different rate of metabolism and reserve capacity for cannabinoids. So this outline is based on experience and not on studying carefully controlled dosages with blood work unfortunately. We have found that is takes 3-5 days...

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Jelly Belly Jelly Beans… with CBD?

Yes, you read that headline correctly! In the past we’ve had quite a few choices when it comes to CBD infused edibles: chocolates, honeys, hard candies and much, much more. But now the creator of Jelly Belly (David Klein) is launching his new line of CBD...

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MX Sports Bans CBD Sponsors For Moto Cross Riders

In the past few years, the CBD industry has exploded. We have a tremendous variety of products and new ones come out every other day. The federal government removed hemp and it’s derivatives from the tier 1 controlled substances list late last year. And yet, for every...

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Do I Really Need To Take CBD Every Day?

This is a question we get asked often! It largely depends on what symptoms each person is trying to mitigate, but usually taking it every day is far more effective than taking it when a symptom arises. This has to do with how CBD slowly builds up in your body over...

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CBD And Blood Pressure – Does CBD Help?

We often get asked how CBD affects heart health. Until formal FDA studies are ran the results are inconclusive, but preliminary studies are proving to be promising. From “High blood pressure affects more than a quarter of adults in the UK, according to...

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Is CBD Going Mainstream? Major Retailers Are Stocking Up!

Recently big box retailers have entered the world of CBD. Walgreens added CBD to 1500 stores and Rite Aid followed soon after. As of right now, most of the products sold are low strength topicals (not to be confused with our Industry Leading salve...

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