CBD Product Questions:

Are your CBD products legal?

Yes. Under the 2018 Farm Bill Act, our products are 100% Federally legal in the United States. All of our products are manufactured with agricultural hemp. Local state laws and municipalities can vary.

If I take CBD will I feel high?

No. CBD is not psychoactive and can actually reduce the psychoactive effects of ingesting THC.

Can I fail a drug test from using your CBD products?

During the testing of our products we have not been able to generate a failed drug test. There is 0ppm (parts per million) THC, THC-A or THCV in our products.

Is your product considered a Full Spectrum CBD formulation?

No. All of our products are made with a 99%+ pure CBD Isolate which contains no other compounds associated with “Full Spectrum” products.

Is your product considered a Broad Spectrum formulation?

Yes. We have reintroduced terpene profiles to increase the efficacy and bio-availability of the CBD oils.

Do your CBD products have a “green” or “planty” smell/taste/look to them?

No, as we use CBD Isolate there should not be any off-putting smells, tastes or looks.

Are your CBD oils water soluble?

No. CBD is an oil and has to be nano-encapsulated to be suspended into water or drinks as water and oil do not mix. This is necessary to make CBD infused drinks but is an unnecessary cost when developing tinctures and topicals.

Are there any special storage instructions?

Tinctures and topicals have a two year shelf life. They should be stored at room temperature and out of direct light. Unlike the tinctures, some topicals will naturally separate over time. This happens because our products use all natural ingredients and no synthetic binding agents. This separation does not affect the efficacy of the product. For tinctures, light will break down certain terpenes over time giving the tincture a “rose” color.

CBD Dosage And “How To” Questions:

How much CBD should I take?

It depends. When trying CBD for the first time, we recommend taking at least 50mg a day and adjusting your dose accordingly. Most people experience success between 25mg/day and 100mg/day depending on body size, metabolism, and the issues they are trying to mitigate. 5-7 days of continuous use may be necessary to see the desired results.

How do I use the tincture?

Measure out the desired dosage with the dropper and place under the tongue. Wait for 30 seconds to 1 minute and swallow any remaining fluid. 

How do I use the topicals?

Take a small amount of the lotion or salve and massage it into the skin until it is gone. The topicals can be used multiple times a day.

Are there any known medical interactions?

Anyone using blood pressure medication should consult a physician before using any CBD product as CBD has been known to lower an individual’s blood pressure.

CBD Pet Product Questions:

Can my dog or cat take CBD?

Yes! We have an entire Pet CBD Formulation dedicated to helping your furry friends! While you can administer it under their tongue, it is much easier to mix it into their food.

How much CBD should I give my dog or cat?

It depends on their weight. We’ve achieved the best results with a .5mg for every pound of weight and each drop of the Pet Formulation is ≈ 1mg. Measuring by the drop is best for smaller pets and measuring with the labeled dropper is better for larger pets. Some examples would be:

  • 10lb Animal = 5 Drops
  • 20lb Animal = 10 Drops (.20ml)
  • 50lb Animal = 25 Drops (.5ml)

Can my dog or cat take the Energy, Relax, or Therapeutic Formulations?

Yes, but they might be sensitive to the added terpenes. The Pet Formula was designed to be as odorless as possible.

Can I take the Pet Formulation?

Yes! The Pet Formulation is as basic as it gets: CBD Isolate + MCT Oil. It is the closest to the majority of CBD Isolate tinctures on the market today but may not be as effective as our other formulations.

Are your products GMO Free/Cruelty Free/Made From 100% Organic Hemp?

Yes! All of our CBD products are ethically sourced and manufactured. 

Sales And Discount Questions:

Do you have any upcoming sales?

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Do you have a subscription service?

Yes and you can save 10% on your orders by using our subscription service! You can sign up to receive any of our products on a schedule that best suits your needs.

Do you offer a Military, Medical, or Senior Citizen Discount?

Yes! We offer each of these discounts. Each one saves you 25% instantly at checkout and you can also combine them with our 10% subscription savings to save 35% on your subscription renewals automatically! (Note: Only one of the Military, Medical, or Senior Citizen discounts can be used at a time.)

Visit our Discounts page to find out if you qualify for these discounts!

Can I use promo codes along with Discount Memberships?

Promo codes work on all normal orders and during sales, but are not available for use with the Discount Memberships. Some coupon codes do not work with recurring subscriptions.

What is your return policy?

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase please reach out to info@activebotanicalco.com with a description of the issue and any supporting documentation. We will contact you within 2 business days and do everything possible to make it right.

Have a CBD question we didn’t answer?

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