There seems to be two polar opposite markets in the CBD realm, I hope to outline pro’s and con’s of both.

The cheap CBD products generally fall into what I like to call a “Why not?” purchase. When you’re at the counter of a store about to check out and you see a display next to the register for products that are pretty cheap. You’ve got an extra $10 to try a few gummies or a tincture that might help that pain in your knee from the hike you did last weekend, so you make a purchase and don’t expect much but for $10. Why not try it?
While the logic all seems to add up and it does generate a sale that benefits the store and the CBD manufacturer, it doesn’t usually help the user. These types of products generally have a very low dose of CBD and don’t usually come with batch testing that shows what’s in the product you’re purchasing. We’ve found as much as a 50% variance in the amount of CBD stated and the amount of CBD in the actual product from these cheaper brands. While most fall within the 20% range only a few are within the 10% range of stated cannabinoids, making it impossible to start a regimen that will provide any long term benefits. These issues make most people that made these purchases question whether CBD has any benefits at all.

The more expensive products can have a lot of the same issues as the cheap ones such as lack of thorough testing, inconsistency in actual cannabinoid content of a product and trouble finding a consistent product to dose with for long term benefits. However these same issues are less common or at least less extreme in higher priced products ($50+) One reason is that they have the price of proper testing built into the cost of the products and that testing gets more accurate with a higher amount of cannabinoids available to test for. So it’s easier to find 200 milligrams (mg) in a milliliter (ml) of fluid than it is to find 5 milligrams in a milliliter of fluid. These higher potencies allow for more accurate testing with a 2% variability instead of 20% variability in lower potency products. Making the dosing regimen for long term benefits much easier.

Long story shorter, if you want a fighting chance at recovering from your hike plan for a month long regiment of a properly tested CBD product. If you want candy, then buy candy. But you won’t find Ibuprofen in a Snickers any time soon. So why is CBD any different?

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