What we’ve found over time is that terpenes are responsible for the “upper” or “downer” effect of recreational cannabis. While the conversation about this topic is quite extensive with many variables we won’t get into here (CBN, THC-A and more), it essentially boils down to the presence of certain terpenes that are found in the most popular sativa strains (uppers) and indica strains (downers).

But what are terpenes? Are they natural?

Yes. terpenes are found in every plant! They are responsible for the smells you get when you walk through a forest of pine trees or cut open a fresh orange. In the cannabis family alone there are over 100 different terpenes! We combine them into different blends for the formulations to achieve different desired effects. That’s what gives Active Botanical Co.’s CBD tinctures their distinct citrus and piney smell!


We love to hear your opinions, thoughts & questions! Comment below about your experiences and how you feel about terpenes in your CBD. 

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