We’ve had some people ask, “Why are your products so potent compared to other brands?”

There are two main reasons: some people need more CBD than others and everyone can benefit from buying in bulk to get more bang for your buck. If you look at the instructions for Epidiolex (the only FDA approved CBD product) they measure the dosage at 5mg/kg/day which would mean the daily dose of CBD would be:

  • 120lb = 272mg CBD/day
  • 180lb = 408mg CBD/day
  • 240lb = 540mg CBD/day

This is quite a departure from the local gas station selling an entire bottle of CBD that contains only 250mg of CBD!

Our response from our customers tells us that they can find relief from their issues at much lower levels than listed above, but even these levels are much larger compared to many of our competitors. Either way, Active Botanical Co.’s CBD is perfect for those who need more or those who want to save money!


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