What Is the Entourage Effect?

The Entourage effect is the theory that when all compounds are extracted from a plant, every component should be present because they have a positive, synergistical effect.


What is the CBD Entourage effect?

 There are many ways to create an extract from hemp or cannabis. For Full Spectrum extractions, the main goal is to retain the non-polar compounds in the final extract (oils) and remove the polar compounds such as chlorophyll and water. The idea is that there is an “entourage effect” where the trace amounts of CBG, CBN, THC, etc. will increase a products efficacy. Even in the highest potency hemp flower, CBD content rarely exceeds 15% while the majority of the other compounds account for less than a fraction of a percent.


Has the CBD Entourage Effect Been proven?

There is a study that found this to be the case but it had some limitations to how the experiment was conducted (mainly the very small group of people it was tested on). The truth is that without a larger studies, it’s impossible to say that one is more effective than the other and we need to rely on ourselves to be the gauge of how effective something is.


Final Thoughts

Moreover, the legal landscape for this product is complex and offering a terpene infused, CBD isolate line fell in line with our Active Botanical Co.’s company mission: to make CBD as simple & effective as possible. 


Need More Info or Have A Differing Opinion?

Comment below! We would love to hear your opinions, thoughts & questions about the “entourage effect”!

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