Yes, you read that headline correctly! In the past we’ve had quite a few choices when it comes to CBD infused edibles: chocolates, honeys, hard candies and much, much more. But now the creator of Jelly Belly (David Klein) is launching his new line of CBD infused jelly beans! The initial flavors will include toasted marshmallow, mango and many more. While it will not be under the brand name of Jelly Belly, we can rest assured they will be manufactured to the same, delicious standards.

After the Federal government removed hemp from the tier one controlled substances list last December, it seems like more and more major brands are jumping into the mix. This is an exciting time for the industry and the innovation is just beginning. What company do you want to start making CBD products? KFC CBD Chicken? Nutella CBD Infused spread? Tell us in the comments below!

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