We hear this question often: “Is water soluble CBD more effective than regular CBD Oil?” First things first, let’s explain what water soluble CBD is.

What Is Water Soluble CBD?

CBD is an oil (or a non-polar compound for the chemists) and as the old saying goes, “Oil and water don’t mix.” Because of this characteristic, many companies who want to use it in drinks or other water soluble goods need to put the CBD through a process called, “nanoencapsulation.” This allows the CBD to be mixed into things like soft drinks and coffee.

Does Water Soluble CBD Work Better Than Regular CBD Oil?

The confusing part of this question is that some companies are touting water soluble CBD as having higher bio-availability (aka increased efficacy) which isn’t supported by any medical research or case studies. You’ll hear things such as “Your body uptakes water based products better than oil based ones,” and yet, a large part of our diet and many vitamins are oil based (Ex. Ever had a vitamin E supplement?).

In conclusion, water soluble CBD works just as well as traditional CBD oil, it’s just more expensive to produce.

Active Botanical Co.’s CBD Oil is not water soluble and until we see medical research or studies supporting the higher bio-availability or increased effect of water soluble CBD, we’re going to take it for what it is: A biased, false claim used for marketing.

We ❤️ to hear your opinions, questions and thoughts! Comment below about your experiences and how you feel about water soluble CBD. 

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