Have you ever had CBD created from yeast? If you haven’t, you might soon! California based Demetrix told FoodNavigatorUSA:

“There is room for both types of products on the market, but the industry is facing a supply challenge as it looks to agriculture as its only source of supply. There are more than 100 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant but only a few of them are really accessible through agriculture and we think there are other cannabinoids that are going to have a lot of promise. We also have the ability to make new-to-nature cannabinoids, where we can feed kind of precursors to the cannabinoids to a yeast cell, and the yeast cell will take those up and incorporate them into a cannabinoid chemical scaffold to make all sorts of new to nature cannabinoids which we think could be important for pharmaceutical applications.”

Having access to large amounts of hard to find cannabinoids would be amazing for the industry and creating new products. Some cannabinoids like CBC only account for 0.7% of plant matter compared to CBD content of 20%+!

Would you consume CBD created from yeast? Are you excited to try new cannabinoid combinations that have never been developed before? Tell us in the comments below!

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